Friday, December 9, 2011

Musical Stories 21: SciFi

Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions on my last post. It really meant a lot, and stopped me feeling sorry for myself. Things are moving on in the editing department, but more about that some other time! Tomorrow, Techno and I are off to visit an Art College with Diva to see if it will be a good fit for her next year, so wish us luck!

After our recent special editions, it's time to begin the third series of Musical Stories. As usual we're starting with SciFi. Enjoy :-)

I'm almost certain that somebody recommended the first song to me. Unfortunately I didn't make a note, so if it was you could you please let me know so I can credit you? On the surface, this is a cheerful, cheesy song but, listen closer, and you will realise it's actually very sad. (It's also a retelling of another, very famous, SciFi song).

If you watch Breaking Bad, I have two words for you: Gale Boetticher.

The second story comes at the usual 'humans meet aliens' idea from a slightly different angle. The reaction our visitor has, after seeing how people on Earth behave towards one another, is one that I think we would all have now and then if we had the choice.

This week's final song is a boy's fears that he is no longer exciting enough for his love when she returns from an amazing journey. He points out some of the good things there are on Earth too. I'm not sure I'd include fried chicken but, hey, whatever works!

Next week it's the turn of YA literature. Have a wonderful weekend :-)

Lyrics here

Lyrics here


  1. Excellent choices for Sci-Fi! I immediately thought of Gustav's Holst's The Planets Suite, particularly Mars, the Bringer of War. It's very Sci-Fi.

  2. Great choices. I have always loved Drops of Jupiter from the first time I heard it.

  3. Cool! Major Tom always trips me out. Ha!

  4. Your Sci-fi music choices were spot on. My favorite -- Drops of Jupiter.

  5. Excellent choices. I haven't heard Major Tom in quite some time.

    is a nice version.

  6. You should hear "Major Tom" sung by William Shatner. :-) Just dropped in to say thanks for always having been my friend, Roland

  7. Awesome choices. I enjoyed them all. Have a good weekend.


  8. Oh Stevie Wonder, great choices! Happy Sunday Sarah!

  9. Love Major Tom, my six year old is running around singing it now, lyrics for him were "Fifteen falling, earth below us and Aliens invading, he can't help us." He just likes to make things up I think. Perhaps a writer in the making.

  10. Cheesy!? Are you suggesting that Major Tom is cheesy?! Tut, tut. It's a fabulous song and if you've ever played it on the guitar you'll know it's got some great chord changes in it too... oh yes, and it's my favourite one for this week ;-)

  11. I love Major Tom, and I never heard Stevie Wonder's Saturn before.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  12. Super Major Tom! Super choices. Yay Stevie! :-)

  13. I love Train. The words to the second song are great!
    Good luck with picking the right Art College for Diva (great nickname for your daughter!) Looks like creativity runs in the family, huh?

  14. I'd forgotten about that Stevie Wonder song. And the one by Train is very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Ha, I love these selections for scfi!

  16. Grrrr...every time I come here, I spend at least 30 minutes listening to music over and over again.

    Major Tom is my weakness today

  17. Great choices. Major Tom is the perfect freaky-sci-fi-ish kind of song. :)

  18. Look forward to reading your thoughts on YA literature!

  19. Major Tom Coming Home has always been one of my favorite songs. I always blast it when its on the radio.

  20. Nice! This just filled up my need for sci-fi today. Love it! :)

  21. Drops of Jupiter rocks! Great choices, as always.

  22. I'm glad you're feeling better.

    My son loves Breaking Bad. It stresses me out when I watch it!

  23. Perfect for sci-fi, love these! So glad to hear that you're feeling better too. :)

  24. Ah, I love that Major Tom song! Thanks for that. :)

  25. ..."Drops of Jupiter," a most excellent choice ;)


  26. ooh, love me some drops of jupiter. How did the school visit go?

  27. I can't wait for your next week choices since I love YA. :D

  28. nice blog nice article.. greeting from indonesia :)

  29. I like the sci fi songs... nice... my fav is the last one

  30. I've only heard Major Tom before

    I really enjoyed Train Drops of Jupiter reminds me of Bon Jovi. :O)

  31. Aloha Sarah:)

    OMG... I just checked, and i wasn't officially folowing you yet... done and taken care of!

    My two cents on the New Year: It *won't* be a perfect time - cos there is *no* perfect time...

    There's ony... wait for it.... the WRITE time :)

    So there.

  32. Emily - I can't remember Mars specifically, but I know I love The Planets Suite :-)

    Shell - I love it too. It reminds me of something, but I can't remember what :-)

    Jo S - I love it. Sort of fun, but sad.

    Donna S - Me too!

    PK Hrezo - Thank you :-)

    Trisha - Thanks Trisha :-)

    SB Jones - Thanks for that. Is it okay to admit I like your version better? :-)

    Roland - Everything sounds interesting when Shatner sings it:-)
    It's a pleasure to be your friend.

    Patsy - Yay! I'm glad :-)

    Donna H - Thank you. Enjoy this weekend :-)

    Claudia - Glad you liked them. Have a lovely weekend.

    Nancy - Okay, now I'm singing 'fifteen falling', too :-)

  33. Rosalind - Aww, I'm sorry! If it's any consolation, I do love it :-)
    Do you play guitar?

    Medeia - Major Tom is the surprise, (to me), favourite of the week, I think.

    Robyn - I'm glad you enjoyed them :-)

    LynnNerdKelley - I think this is the only Train song I know. Is that bad? :-)
    Thanks for the good luck wishes :-)

    Melodie - I'd never heard of the Stevie Wonder song until I started digging around :-)

    Lynda - I'm glad you enjoyed them :-)

    East Coaster - I loved your comment, thank you :-)

    Jennifer S - I know exactly what you mean :-)

    Liz F - I hope you'll be pleased :-)

    Stephen - I'd actually forgotten how good it was.

    David - Glad to be of service :-)

  34. Talli - Thanks Talli, have a lovely weekend :-)

    Theresa - Thanks Theresa and, I'll admit, it's not an easy show to watch :-)

    Heather - Thank you so much Heather :-)

    Jolene - Glad you liked them :-)

    Lydia - You're very welcome :-)

    Elliot - Thanks El. Good to see you're feeling better.

    Sarah (Falen) - It went brilliantly, thanks :-)

    Stina - I hope you'll enjoy them :-)

    Sigit - Thank you.

    Tania - Glad you enjoyed them :-)

    Madeleine - It reminds me of something too, but I can't think what.

    Mark - With puns like that, you should be a writer ;-)


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