Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If I could be anyone...

As I suspect you've noticed by now, there's a bit of an event happening for the release of Talli Roland's new book Watching Willow Watts. You can buy the ebook at Amazon UK or Amazon .com.

Talli asked us who we would choose to be for the day. I promise you, the name of who I chose is entirely coincidental, in that it happens to be one of my favourite names.

I had real trouble deciding who I would be. So many names of people I admire went through my head but then I'd think about their traumatic personal lives, their bad habits, their unsuitable spouses … you get the picture. That's when I realised it would have to be someone I know everything about, so the person I would like to be is Willowslayer, my dwarf warrior from the online game World of Warcraft. (Yes, I wanted to call her Willow, but the name was taken. Nobody ever used her full name anyway.) I played this game for a lot longer than was good for me and made many many characters, but that's all they ever were, game characters. Willow was different, she was the first character I ever created. The only one whose name and appearance I never chose to alter.

There are a number of races to choose from in this game but not many people choose female dwarves. They're not pretty like some of the other races, but that's why I like her, she's different. None of my friends ever blamed me when I died, or got lost, it was always 'oh Willow's in trouble again'. I was never really very good at the game, but I tried hard, and I loved to help people, so that became Willow's personality. Don't get me wrong, I am aware of the line between fantasy gaming and reality, but the people I knew online didn't know me, they only knew Willow the clumsy dwarf. Willow got to fight dragons, demons and monsters. She got to stand at the front taking the blows while others did the damage. She rode a ram, and later an insane motorbike. She could fly anywhere she wanted on a beautiful multi-coloured hippogryph. Best of all, when she died (which was a lot), she got to resurrect and do it all again! She also had the dirtiest laugh I've ever heard on a game character!

If you've never played an online game like WoW, you're probably thinking I'm a bit weird right about now, but if you have, I suspect you'll understand!


  1. LOL. I think that's an awesome choice. =)

  2. This was so fun! What an freaking awesome choice! I never would have thought to go that route but I'm in love with the idea! GO YOU!!!! I think it shows all the personalities based on what we choose. I'm loving it!

    Happy Wednesday Fabulous!

  3. Hey Willowslayer, this sounds like fun!


  4. You can have a motorcycle in World of Warcraft?

  5. I've never become involved in those kind of games although I can really see the attraction and I just know I'd spend every minute playing it. I'm like you in that every person I thought I might like to be has had personal traumas... got enough of my own!

  6. Willowslayer, Willow Watts, Buffy's best friend is Willow Rosenberg... I see a pattern emerging. (=

    I had the same problem choosing someone-- Because I'd take my probs over someone else's anyday. So a fictitious hero seems like the best choice.

    Your character seems awesome. Go, girl!

  7. FAB choice :D

    TOO fun!

    Talli's so awesome :D

  8. I've never introduced myself toe WoW. I have a problem getting addicted to things. I play the Sims games and have to limit my time on the computer. lol This look so fun. I'm sure I would love it. I'll have to try it someday!


    My day job is killing dragons.

  10. I've never played on-line games. Me and video games are not friends. (I suck at them.) I love your idea, and she does look like she has fun!

  11. I've never played any online games, but you make it seem so romantic and filled with friendship...I suppose that is another credit to your writing abilities! :)

  12. I played WoW all the time. Love the screenshots of Dalaran. I was in a high-end guild as a resto druid. But I also had a shadow priest that could dps pretty hard. Tanks had to be on top of things in order for me not to pull aggro. That was always kind of fun to watch my OMEN to make sure I was hitting as hard as I could without going over.

  13. Okay, never played any WoW-type games, but am a HUGE fan of the show *The Guild* (have you seen it? you can watch it on Netflix if you have it!), which is about gamers in a guild (obviously, haha!) who are hilarious and amazing. I'm told the show is way better if you're a player!

    Willow sounds FANTASTIC!!

  14. I haven't heard of this book yet, but I like the character you choose seems like she has real personality!

  15. What a fun launch day Talli's hosting! Sometimes the choices people make are so telling, yours is very unique ...

  16. I actually understood what you were talking about because a lot of my family plays WoW. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now. : )

  17. I like willow pattern china ... don't really get the gaming thing though so you are sounding just slightly weird - but in a good way.

  18. I haven't played WoW, but know of it. Totally respect and love your choice!

  19. I've never played WoW, but Willowslayer sure sounds like fun!

  20. That was a neat choice. I never thought along those lines.

  21. What a cool character to choose; I never would have thought of something like that! I've never been into WoW, but I can completely understand the absorption of another world.

    Thank you so much for taking part!

  22. It's amazing how these video games can create worlds, characters, and amazing story lines.... Hey, why not? Creative is creative...

    Fun choice Sarah.

  23. My husband played a dwarf on WoW!

    Also, I didn't know you could have motorcycles ... but that thing looks awesome.

  24. She sounds pretty cool to me.

    I still haven't come up with anyone. I keep changing my mind.

  25. I'm almost ashamed to say I've never played an online game. I don;t have XBox or Play Station. But your choice sounds like a great one! And thanks for stopping by today and saying hello.

  26. I'm terrible at video games but I watch Hubs and the kids play all the time, seething because I totally would be a warrior princess troll with a big a** double bladed axe and a vicious laugh in a heartbeat. Excellent choice!

  27. Kick ass choice :D I played WoW for all of 4 hours (straight) before realising that it wasn't for me but I couldn't stop playing :P I've not touched it since :P Mincecraft has become my new addiction tho, hehe.

  28. Ah a fanatsy character. Nice one! :O)

  29. Dwarves are so awesome, especially with the engineering talent. (at least I think it's engineering. Blacksmithing? It's been almost a year since I've played WoW). I think I have a dwarf around level 10 or 12 that I played a while back, and I really enjoyed it.

    Great choice!

  30. HAH That's so cool! And yeah, there are so many characters of my own imagination that I woudl love to be - it's calling playing pretend for a reason.
    Awesome post!

  31. I'm ignorant of online games. But I think it's really cool that you'd like to be a character you made up. It may be, that some part of you is Willow!

  32. My husband doesn't play online games, but he plays role-playing PC games, and his character is always called Bloodstone. So I understand!

  33. Gamer chics are all the rage now that Felicia Day is so IT now.

    Never heard of the book though.

    Cool blog.

  34. Very nice! That's so neat that you picked a video game character!! I used to play the Zelda games allll the time, so I can totally relate.

  35. I <3 reading people's choices. I've heard that game is CRAZY addicting. Interesting choice :)

  36. That's such a cool choice! You can bet you won't duplicate someone else's answers! I'm so excited for Talli, and it's been fun reading these posts related to her book release.

  37. Awesome choice! I love it! I'm not part of this blogfest but I'm stopping by a lot of blogs who are. How fun!

    P.S. Just stopping by to say I have a blog award for you over on my site:)

  38. hahaha my first character was a female dwarf too. I got nicknamed stumpy. LOL.

  39. That's way cool. I used to play a game called, Baulder's Gate...I would totally be my character for the day.

    Big congrats to Talli, too!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  40. I've never played but my son's addicted so I've logged plenty of hours watching.

    I also wanted to let you know you have an award at my blog - Congrats!

  41. I'm loving all the blogs supporting Talli.
    Can't wait to read the book - I always find it hard to make decisions on the spot.. thinking!

  42. How great (and a tinge ironic) you've chosen an avatar to be! Never played WoW but I hear it's very absorbing.
    So did you like the book? There's so much buzz, I'm going to have to read...and am in awe of Ms. Talli's marketing savvy.

  43. Great choice.... what a difficult decision...

  44. This was a great idea of Talli's! Your choice is fun.

  45. I haven't thought about who I'd be before - interesting question! And the graphics look really great from your choice!

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! It's great to see you!

  46. Terrific choice! I've never played WoW because I know I'd become instantly addicted. :D

  47. E. Arroyo - Thank you!

    Jen D - You're my favourite cheerleader! Happy Friday :-)

    L'Aussie - She was awesome :-)

    Matt - Yep, since the Wrath expansion, crafted by engineers.

    Rosalind - Oh, me too!

    Jo - Can you tell I like the name? :-)

    Jolene - Thank you, and she is, isn't she?

    Chantele - If you get hooked on games, you will get hooked on this :-)

    SBJones - I got all nostalgic inspecting your pally. And someone's got to keep the dragons at bay :-)

    Jenny M - Oh she had fun, and a personality all of her own :-)

    Heather - I first started playing when my brand new boyfriend did,so we could keep in touch from opposite ends of the country. Five years later, he lives with me. So yeah, pretty romantic :-)

    Michael - You would have hated my tank before they made it easier to keep aggro! I had a druid too, but she was a boomkin.

    Elizabeth - Oh yes, I loved the guild. And they might not say it, but it's definitely about WoW!

    Jen B - A definite personality, all her own :-)

    Joanne - It was a fabulous day, wasn't it?

    Emily - I'm very impressed with you too :-)

    Patsy - Willow pattern china? That's the blue one isn't it? And I'll take 'weird in a good way' any day :-)

  48. Isis - Thank you so much :-)

    Linda G - I think she was my mischievious alter-ego :-)

    Donna - Thank you. I tend to get a bit random sometimes :-)

    Talli - This was a great idea you had. I'm so glad it was a success.

    Michael - They have some awesome minds working in the industry, that's for sure.

    Katie - The motorcycles came in the wrath expansion, and your husband rocks!

    The Golden Eagle - She was much braver than me :-)

    Stina - I'm guessing you couldn't decide in the end?

    Alleged Author - Thank you very much :-)

    RaShelle - Glad you like her!

    Stephen - You're welcome. And not playing isn't a bad thing. I had to stop because they can be a massive time sink :-)

    Julie F - Oh, there are characters out there just perfect for you :-)

    Jamie - I've heard about Minecraft but I daren't touch it in case I get hooked :-)

    Madeleine - And she mostly does as she's told :-)

    Lena - Gnomes were the engineers :-) Did you know they have playable goblins now too?

    Regectedriter - Who says we have to grow up? :-)

    Bish - Yep, she's the funnier, braver me :-)

  49. L. Diane Wolf - Do you ever play too?

    Ed - Welcome to you. When I started playing WoW, nobody ever believed I was female :-)

    Crystal - I heard Zelda was great. It's still massive now apparently.

    Kelley - Why, yes. Yes it is :-)

    Julie M - It was fun, wasn't it?

    Lady Gwen - Thank you so much for the award :-)

    Lynda - That's awesome that you had a dwarf too. And lol at Stumpy :-)

    Angela A - I had a friend that raved about that game!

    Lisa - First you watch, then you get sucked in... ;-) Thank you for the award.

    Michelle - It was a great day, wasn't it?

    Melodie - I do like my imaginary friends :-)

    Tania - I decided real people had too many problems :-)

    Rebecca - Thanks. Talli certainly picked a winner, didn't she?

    Lauren - It was a tough choice!

    Christina - Thank you. Funny, it's always available wherever I try to use it :-)

    CherylAnne - Oh you would, believe me :-)

    Sarah - *Snort*. In the wrong context, that would just sound odd :-)

  50. Oh just really made me want to start playing WoW again... *headdesk*

  51. Liz - I made myself want to start playing, too :-)

  52. I'm not familiar with WoW, but I like your choice. Congrats again to Talli.

  53. Medeia - I think her day was a huge success :-)

  54. Very cool ;D My first and favorite is Dandilyon but on Lord of the Rings Online, not LOTRO.

    1. What's the difference between Lord of the Rings Online and LOTRO?


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