Monday, April 4, 2011


Although this blog will be mostly (I hope) about my writing, I don't live in a vacuum, although sometimes I wish I did. There used to be an advert on television (I have no idea what for, maybe some kind of beverage) where the glamorous mum sat in blissful peace enjoying her drink; whilst around her the family got on with their day, moving at super speed. I'd love to sit in the calm little bubble. In reality it's usually the other three in my household chilling out in blissful ignorance whilst I run around at my own super speed doing stuff that they could do perfectly well for themselves. I just do it for them because...hell, who knows why?

That's my roundabout way of telling you that there are another three names that might show up now and then in my posts. I'm going to give them pseudonyms, just because I can. My first thought was to call them Wynken, Blynken and Nod because, after all, who wouldn't want to be called any one of those names? The problem is that I know I'd always have to be reminding myself who was supposed to be who. So instead I'm calling them names that bear a vague resemblance to their real-life persona's.

Blue and Diva are my fourteen year old daughters. Blue because it's her favourite colour, and Diva because she's going to be an actress. They are nothing alike physically but share a love of reading and creative arts, Blue writes and Diva draws. They both take it for granted that their Mother writes novels and will one day have something published.

Techno is my partner. I hate that word but I'm a bit old for a boyfriend and we're not married (Oh, the shame!). As for 'significant other', just, no. As his nickname suggests, Techno loves science and technology and I love him for it. Especially when he rebuilds my computer out of balsa wood and bits of string . He also takes it for granted that I write, although he's not as confident as the girls about me being published. Not because he doesn't think I can but because he's listened to enough speeches from me about the state of the publishing industry today. These speeches usually end with him asking me 'so are you gonna try anyway?' and me saying 'Hell yeah!'

So that's my cast list, small but perfectly formed; and now, as they say, let's get on with the show!

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