Friday, June 24, 2011

Memories are made of this

You know how when you smell a certain aroma or fragrance it can take you instantly back to a place, a time or person? Well, music is like that too, at least for me. If Techno wants to torment me, he plays 'Charlie's death theme' from 'Lost'. Even before I recognise what's playing, I feel the tears start to form. Happens every time. If you never watched 'Lost' that will mean nothing, but if you did I'm sure you know where I'm coming from.

I thought I'd share some songs that instantly transport me to another time and place, and ask you what songs bring back a specific memory every time you hear them?

1983, school trip to France and my happiest memory of my school days. There was a jukebox on the ferry on the way home and we played this song, (which had been THE song of the holiday), over and over again all the way home.

1988, My best friend was engaged to a soldier. She lived with his mother who didn't think she should go out while he was away. We used to listen to this song every weekend whilst getting ready, and as soon as Lisa's future mother-in-law went to bed we used to sneak out of the window (I swear, we really did!), and go clubbing.

1990 - My first serious heartbreak. I'd been with the same boy, on and off, for four years. We both knew it wasn't going to work - we'd been engaged three times - but I was the one who ended it by moving across the country. He sent me this single in the post.

1999 - I worked the night shift in a petrol station. Worse job EVER but every night around 2am I would lock the doors so I could mop the floor. This song would come on and I would sing it at the top of my voice whilst cleaning.

It was so hard to choose just four. I might have to do this again :)


  1. Yep--spot on! That Sinead (sp?) song always brings me back!

  2. So why do you hate the word "But"? Best wishes from Canada.

  3. Charlie's Death = saddest moment on TV ever. Not Penny's Boat *tear*

    I like to make mix cd's of songs from a particular year or span of months. When I listen, I feel like I'm transported (usually to the late 90s)

  4. What a GREAT topic - yes, music is such a memory box, so you should keep coming back to this one.

    Janice x

  5. Oh yes, music brings immdiate memories! My life can be pinpointed through myriad of songs - it can be both exhilerating and heartbreaking.

  6. I love the way music connects us to our memories. So many songs can trigger certain memories, it's a great way to time travel :)

  7. Aaaargh...Charlie! *sniffle*

    Yeah, music is visceral. It brings back the emotions before you can even remember what triggered them to begin with.

  8. I think people often forget that we have mire than the sense of sight and a whole range of experience comes from touch, taste and hearing. Great post.

  9. I know what you mean. Like Sinead's song, but absolutely love that song by Macy Gray. I could listen to it all day.

  10. FA's Perfect brings back memories for me. Was it really so long ago?

  11. Christina - Doesn't it though!

    Giora - Welcome! And 'But' in the context of the post we were commenting on is that nasty qualifier - 'It's sci-fi, BUT...' the same as 'I'm sorry, BUT...' 'I'm not racist, BUT...'

    Phil - I recently threw out a ton of home made mix tapes of the 80's because I had nothing to play them on! I was going to mention 'not Penny's boat', but didn't know if people would remember that bit :)

    Janice - I will. I have a plan for a series starting on Friday (which is mainly an excuse for me to dig out some cool songs!).

    Margo - Indeed, music plays havoc with the emotions :)

    Joanne - there's a plot idea there somewhere...

    Linda - It's an unconscious reaction indeed!

    Rebecca - Very true. I'm guilty of it myself at times, and thank you :)

    Patsy - Tell me about it! I'm sure it was only about 10 years ago, honest :)

    J.L. Campbell - Oh my, me too!

  12. Songbird by Fleetwood Mac takes me right back to my 18th birthday party & dancing with the boy I'd fancied for ages.

  13. Ah yes, 'Nothing Compares'. I have similar memories of heartache!

  14. When I was writing my book, there were a few songs that I listened too over and over.

    He's a Pirate by Tiesto- This I listened to for about 11 hours when I wrote a huge action sequence in the sky.

    As the Rush Comes by Motorcycle- Excellent chill song when writing female characters.

    Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva- Worked well for introducing new characters.

    Goodnight, Travel Well by The Killers and Running up that hill by Placebo- Worked very well for the sad parts of the book.

    Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation (Murdock dubstep remix)- This worked well for chapters with long dialog.

  15. I think nothing has the power to transport you in time quite like music. Smell comes close (especially cooking smells!) but I think music tops them. I love hearing what music translates into memories for you!

  16. Hey girl this is definitely my era. I love True and nothing compares and Perfect AND I loved Gold. Not heard I try before though. Great choices. :O)

  17. AHH! HUGE Lostie right here :) Charlie was so awesome! And Michael Giaccino is absolutely brilliant. Though I will say, my favorite character of all, maybe even ever on TV, is Ben Linus. So creepy and deep and complex and pitiable and awesome and genius :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  18. Music can serve as a sort of bookmark in my life too. My dad is very musical and used to tell us the performer, year and where he was in his life when it was released to nearly every song that came on the stereo. I suppose at some level, I learned the habit.

  19. Oh those songs took me back! There's a 90s grunge station I listen to on Sirius sometimes, and it transports me back to that time--I might as well be wearing flannel. I love how powerful music can be!

  20. Sally - Thanks for the reminder. I'm so used to Eva Cassidy's cover, I'd forgotten this version.

    Talli - It's the heartbreak song of the 90's!

    SB Jones - Those are some great songs. I listened to all the ones I hadn't heard before. I especially like the Placebo track, hadn't heard that version before.

    Meagan - Thanks. You're right about smells. With me it's perfume/aftershave. Jazz or Kouros aftershave instantly turns me into an eighteen year old suffering her first heartbreak!

    Madeleine - An 80's girl like me! There will be more :)

    Sarah - I recall us talking about Ben on Lost a little while ago. We may also have mentioned the beautiful Nestor Carbonell :)

    Rebecca - Welcome. That's brilliant about your dad. What a great way of learning about someone.

    Anna - Hello there. Is Sirius a radio channel btw?


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