Friday, August 12, 2011

Musical Stories 7: Fantasy

Before I get to this week's musical stories, I want to apologise to you. Due to having to deal with officials about financial stuff this week I'm really behind on reading all my blogs. I just can't bring myself to delete my favourites without reading them so you might suddenly find random comments from me on a days old post, or I might only comment on the most recent. I just want you all to know that I'm still reading, and enjoying them!

Okay, so this week it's the fantasy genre, and here's another apology. These are all longer than I like to post. I know people don't have time to sit and watch videos but we all know this genre tends to run long, right ;-)

Number one. I heard this sung live on the radio way back sometime in the early 1980's. For some reason, the first few lines stuck with me over the years, although I never heard it again. When I started this feature, I typed the lyrics into google on a whim and lo and behold I found this video. For those of you who read or write 'swords and sorcery' type fantasy stories, I defy you to tell me this is not a perfect example of what I'm trying to achieve with this series. (Although I don't like the video maker's choice of 'bad guy'!)

Number two had to be included simply because I think the subject of this song is the ultimate fantasy antagonist (or protagonist, if that's your thing).

Number three is one of my occasional cheats. It's not exactly telling a fantasy story but, if you have the time, watch the video all the way through, and I guarantee you'll understand why I had to include it this week. I'm only sorry it pushed a more worthy contender out, (Loreena McKennitt's Stolen Child), but I so wanted to share this video with you.

I'll be honest, I'm a bit nervous about how this week is going to go down with you. I hope you all like at least one of them!


  1. Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for stopping by - I'm your newest follower.

    I love writing too, and will make my way through your blog.

    Michelle ;)

  2. I love the first video as a song for Fantasy! And and I love some of the pictures in the last one.

    (Though I agree with you--did they have to use Aragorn as the bad guy? :P)

  3. I love all three picks and as I say Michelle dropped by! I like the way the blogging world expands :=)

  4. Oooo, the third one is great. I'd never heard it before. I just added it to my grooveshark account. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'd never heard the Tower. Beautiful song!

  6. Excellent choices to suit the genre.

  7. You've got it going on! :)

    Great to see you at my blog as well - thanks!

  8. So cool! And I hope your financial stuff is ok...

  9. I remember the first song - that's a major flashback.

  10. Don't worry girl. We all get in those hectic times and its so hard to keep up with everything. No worries.

    AND great song picks! I like them all!

  11. Ah, I love Sympathy for the Devil - I'm also a fan of the Guns n Roses version.

    I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger award. Head over to my blog to find out all about it.

  12. Ah, Earth, Wind, and Fire, I remember you from long car rides with my mom. Cool!

  13. Great choices :D I like looking for fantasy stories in music too, though most of my finds are in the heavy metal genre :P

  14. I wasn't familiar with the first two. I enjoyed all three.

    Have a great week.

  15. I have given you an award on my blog. So stop by to claim it. I Take the Pen

  16. Chris de Burgh! Love love LOVE!

    I suppose I'm showing my age now...

  17. Hi there, you!! Hope you're having a good day--now off to listen!!

  18. I never paid attention to the lyrics of Sympathy for the Devil. That was pretty good.

    Some of the imagery used in The Tower video gave me an idea for a story. Not that I would ever find time to act upon it will my current WIP.

  19. The Tower. Great song and excellent images to go with it.

    I know how you feel about catching on blogging. It's easy to fall behind. Don't know if I'll ever catch up, but I'll try.

  20. Purrrup - purrowling in to say hello!

  21. I listened to 'Fantasy' so often, but the video for it you put up puts a whole new spin on it that I didn't consider before. Though I'm sad Loreena McKennitt was pushed off your list this week. I love her version of 'The Lady of Shalott'

  22. My favorite is the first one. But Aaragon might have something to do with that. :D

  23. Don't worry about the being busy part, it happens to all of us!

    I'm liking all the songs, but I think I like the first one the best, especially for fantasy.

    When you get some time stop by my blog. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. :-)

  24. Love that last picture Sarah, the music is sure to add more to the Fantasy theme, off to listen to it on Spotify!
    Fantasy is a genre I'm trying out so these are a real help!

  25. I absolutely LOVE the Earth Wind and Fire song. Thank you for reminding me of it.

  26. Hi Sarah!

    Me again ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're right - that photo of posh would make an excellent book cover. How clever you are!


  27. I love this series. Such a great idea.

  28. wonderful, you rock Sarah.....don't worry about stopping by, it happens to me so much, and I too feel really bad because I think I have neglected my blog friends, but they understand.

  29. HPCB - Hi Michelle, thank you so much for visiting!

    Golden Eagle - I know, talk about miscasting!

    Claudia - it's great when you introduce one friend to another and so on :)

    Emily - I'm going to have to google grooveshark :)

    Life 101 - I'm not sure if it was even a single, just something I've had at the back of my mind for years!

    Patsy - thank you. I'm glad people seem to like them.

    Lauren - you're welcome. You know I love your blog :)

    Julie - it's getting there slowly, thanks.

    Alex - brilliant. I didn't think anyone would know that one!

    Abby - thank you. I'll get there!

    Annalisa - I nearly picked that version, but it was too long. Thanks for the award, I'll be posting about it next week.

    AA - you must have had a cool Mum :)

    Jamie - I should pay more attention to what my girls are playing :)

    Medeia - glad I introduced you to something new :)

    Krista - thank you so much honey.

    Talli - Never!

    Christina - Hope you enjoyed them!

    SBJones - ah, too many ideas, not enough hours in the day!

    David - I love the video that someone made to go with the song. It's perfect. (Except for, you know, the cutie!)

    Cat - hello there. Lovely to see you :)

    Jenny - If I repeat the genre she will definitely make it.

    Stina - I don't know what you mean ;-)

    Sara - thank you. I really hope you're doing okay x

    Louise - the images on that last video are just perfect!

    Rebecca - you're very very welcome :)

    HPCB - I don't know about that, but thank you :)

    Katie - thank you!

    Jilda - welcome to you. I read all the posts, It's just my commenting that I've reduced. I just can't bring myself to delete a post from a friend without reading it!


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