Saturday, December 17, 2011

Musical Stories 22: YA

I've had a cold for a few days which seems to have progressed to some kind of flu-like thing. I sat down to rest on the sofa last night, and woke up this morning at five am. I was covered with the special blankie that we only use when we're sick. Nearby was a glass of water, nasal spray, flu tablets, a box of tissues and the blistex cream for chapped lips. The kitchen, (which I hadn't cleaned), was spotless, and there was even a cup and teabag laid out next to the full kettle. I love my wonderful family :-)

This week's Musical Stories are from the YA genre, and we're hearing it from the boys this week.

I heard the first song on Leigh Covington's blog, Something to Write About. I know that everything we go through when we are young makes us who we are today but, be honest, wouldn't you love to go back and give your younger self just a few words of wisdom to make the transition a little bit smoother? I know I certainly would :-)

I just want to shake the boy in our second story and tell him to look at what he's got, right under his nose. Also, Stacy honey, never bring a boy home on the first date!

Our final entry this week wasn't supposed to be this one, but as soon as I heard it on J. A. Bennett's A Book, A Girl, A Journey I knew I had to include it. It's less of a story, more of a chapter, but as I listened to it I could picture him and her laying on their backs on a beautiful day, seeing pictures in the sky and making plans for the future. Just perfect.

Next week's chapter of Musical Stories is supposed to be crime, but who wants that on the Friday before Christmas? Musical Stories will be taking a two week break, but if you like Christmas songs, come back next week for some of my favourites :-)

I'm supposed to be going shopping today, but I'm going to relax at home and not worry about everything I still need to do until Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Lyrics here

Lyrics here

Lyrics here


  1. Feel better soon!

    On the plus side, it looks like your family are looking after you and cleaning the kitchen which is always nice - lol.

    And I loved the music stories - I don't always REALLY listen to lyrics (bad of me, I know) but sometimes you find some little gems like that :)

    Take care

  2. I think you should flop about all Christmas, and let your family look after you. It sounds as if you need it!

  3. Sorry about your cold. I hope you feel better soon.

    Everything seems to be aimed at the YA market - music, books, clothing, films ... or am I just getting old and crochety?

  4. I hope you feel better. I'm glad you're being taken care of.

    I never heard the first and third songs.

    I look forward to your next musical installment.

  5. aw, your family rocks! hope you feel better soon :)

  6. Oh, I really hope you feel better soon, Sarah! But how nice of your family to pamper you :-).

    I like your YA selections, too. Have you ever heard of Simple Plan's Welcome to My Life? I think it might fit here, too.

  7. Hope you're feeling better today. Just waking up to all that tlc from your family is a great Rx!

  8. Enjoy your day of rest, Sarah! Christmas will be there when you're ready.

    Thanks for the songs---these are great!

  9. Oh my goodness. Fabulous choices for today! Now I think YA might just be one of my favorite musical story days. These are brilliant choices.

    Also... sounds like your family is amazing. I certainly hope you are feeling better soon. It's no fun to be sick.

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out! :)

  10. I hope you feel better soon! Get plenty of rest!

  11. so sorry you're feeling poorly... Hope you recover in time for Christmas festivities!

  12. Aah... Stacy's Mom... It was all the rage when I was in school.


    Feel better soon.

  13. I hope you feel better soon!

    Love the last video.

  14. What a lovely family, indeed! Rest up and feel better soon.

  15. Hope you're feeling better! Love Fountains of Wayne. They have a song named "Hey, Julie" so that might be why.

  16. Ahhh what cool songs... am adding them to my list as I write my YA novel... very cool.

  17. Aloha Sarah,

    What smart peeps you have in the family...

    "Mama's not feeling well, you guys...let's take care of *her* for a change!"

    I think it's awesome that they all stepped up to the challenge, and I bet you felt at least a little better after breakfast.

    Enjoy your time off, and Merrry Christmas from our lot to your lot:)

    P.S... I'm trying out the new name thing... what do you reckon? Will it work??

  18. So sorry you're not feeling well! It must be going around--I've spent the weekend using up tissues and drinking tea, too. (And my family has been sweet, too.) Get better soon!

  19. I hope you feel better soon and definitely before next weekend!

    Thanks for sharing these. I'm not sure I've heard any of them before.

    Looking forward to crime week!

  20. Sorry to hear that you're not well. Don't know these songs, but I'll definitely be back for those Christmas songs.

  21. Jilda and were talking yesterday and it seems we've been "under the weather" for most of the year this year, but we're finally coming around.
    Get some rest and feel better.

  22. i hope you feel better soon! And your family sounds awesome.

  23. monkey me checking in on you. How are you feeling today sweet Sarah?

  24. I love me some Fountains of Wayne. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  25. Thanks for the musical treats. I just managed to shake a terrible flu-like disease, so I empathize with you.

    Get well. Stay healthy. Have a wonderful holiday, then fill those Empty White Pages with beautiful words.

    Fellow Insecure Writer!

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  27. Wow, I need to switch families. My climb all over me and won't leave me alone when I'm sick.

    All great choices of music, btw!

  28. Good Lord, I forgot. I hope you feel better now. ;0)

  29. Oh no, so sorry you're under the weather, Sarah. I hope you're feeling much better today and that it didn't go into a secondary infection. Yes, you sure do have a great family!

    The Brad Paisley song is so good. Love the story in it, and I really love his voice.

    That second video, yes, let's shake some sense into that kid. And I think Stacy needs to keep her mom in line! Sheesh!

    The third song is nice. Love those feel good songs!

    Nice post, Sarah. Feel better.

  30. What a sucky time of the year to get sick. Hope you feel better soon.

    Wow, I don't know any of those songs. Is that really sad or what?

  31. I hope you're feeling better. Glad to hear that your family takes such good care of you. :)

    I totally wish I could go back in time and pass a few words of wisdom on to my younger self, though knowing me, I probably won't listen. LOL

  32. Rest well!
    Hope you're feeling better soon

  33. Aw, you're family sounds wonderful :) Feel better soon. And thanks for the songs! These are great!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  34. Hey, Sarah! Things are still looking good over here!

    Sorry to have been away from your blog for so long. It's been a very stressful December - and that's not even including Christmas.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! I'll see you again soon!

  35. I hope you get feeling better soon! Christmastime is the WORST time to get sick! I hope you still feel like you can take time to rest. I love that you have a sick blanket! So cool!

  36. What a wonderful family you have Sarah. Hope you are feeling so much better now.

    I didn't know any of these songs - where have I been?

    Thanks for visiting my Christmas posts. Have a wonderful Christmas!


  37. I knew the first one and I've found two new favorites!

  38. Wow! These are great. Thanks for sharing. This is the first time I've heard of the Musical Stories meme.

  39. I hope you're feeling better! It's no fun being sick, but to be sick at the holidays makes it ten times worse.

    I love the whole music to stories concept. I often find myself writing to music or coming up with ideas for "scenes" when hearing a song for the first time.

  40. Such unique, interesting lyrics for 'How Could Life Get Any Better'. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm hoping you're feeling much better, but it's wonderful to hear how you're family is looking after you! :-)

  41. What a sweet and wonderful family you have! I hope you feel better very soon. :) It's no fun to be sick around Christmas.

    Theses songs are great! I really love this feature on your blog. Sarah, I'm so glad we met this year, and I look foward to getting to know you better in the new year. Have a wonderful holiday making merry w/friends and family. :)

  42. Xandra - I'm much better now thanks. And it's okay not to listen to every single lyric. We only have so much room in our heads :-)

    Jo - If only I could, that would be wonderful :-)

    Patsy - I'm not too bad now thanks. And no, you're definitely not getting old and crochety :-)

    Medeia - Thank you. And I hadn't heard either of those until I got them from blogs :-)

    Cristina - They do, and I do. Thank you :-)

    Margot - Oh Margot, you've done it again. That's perfect. Now I have to think about doing a 4th series :-)

    Joanne - It took longer than expected, but I'm much better now, thank you.

    Sarah W - If Christmas waited for me to be ready, we'd have it in April :-)

    Leigh - I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Thank you for inspiring me so often.

    1000th Monkey - I'm feeling relatively human again now, thank you :-)

    Pat N - I'm a lot better now, thank you :-)

    Misha - Okay, now I feel old :-)

    Golden Eagle - Doesn't that song make your day seem just a little better?

    Amy S - Thank you Amy, I've recovered quite nicely :-)

    Julie F - Aww, I just listened to it. It's lovely :-)

    Tania - I'm glad you enjoyed them :-)

    Mark K - Merry Christmas to your lovely family. The new name thing is a good idea, if only to ease your wife's worries :-)

  43. Cheryl R - Aww, I hope you're all better now, too.

    Rebecca - I'm much better now thank you. It's funny, but you're one of the people I always think of in crime week :-)

    Joy - The Christmas songs are up. I hope there's something you like :-)

    Rick - I think we'll all be glad to try again at the 'good health' thing in 2012 :-)

    Sarah (Falen) - Thank you, I'm feeling much better. They have their lovely moments :-)

    Michael - I'm a lot better now, thank you.

    cleemckenzie - You too? It truly sucks, doesn't it? Hope you're completely recovered by now.

    Admin - Thank you for stopping by.

    Jenny M - To be fair, I think your kids are a lot younger than mine :-) And I'm much better now thank you.

    Lynn K - I'm a lot better now thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed the music.

    Stina - Don't worry, I didn't know two of them until I heard them on other people's blogs :-)

    CherylAnne - That's a good point. I definitely wouldn't have listened to advice from an older me :-)

    Michelle - I'm much better now, thank you :-)

    Sarah A - They have their light side moments :-)

    Lauren - Never apologise. We're old friends now, drop by when you can :-)

    Hope everything is okay with you, and you're not trying to do too much at once!

  44. Peggy - I love our blanket. It's one of the cool things Techno brought with him when he moved in :-)

    Denise - I'm much better now thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas, full of sunshine and barbecue :-)

    Brooke - I'm glad you liked them. I guess you're the target audience this week :-)

    Christa - Glad you liked them. Musical Stories is just something I made up. It's an excuse for me to share music I love every week :-0

    Sara - I find that music and writing definitely go hand in hand :-)

    Cally - You're very welcome, and I'm much better thank you :-)

    Anita - That goes for you too. I look forward to new adventures :-)

    Green Monkey - Shannon, I can't believe I missed you! I was just going to say I'm feeling better, and almost caught up :-)

  45. I just saw this! Thank for mentioning me, and I agree, it fits into YA so well! These songs are just more proof of the reason I write YA becasue I LOVE this kind of music! You are such a sweetie :)

  46. Jen - Thank you for introducing me to a song that makes me feel so good :-)


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