Monday, May 2, 2011

80K in 80 Days

I submitted my competition entry on Sunday. I might blog about it later if I can get over feeling embarrassed about it, but for now I have something much more fun to talk about, and that's my next project.

Remember this post? I said I had a new idea that I couldn't start until May. Well, it started yesterday, and it is – as I think my post title may hint at – 80k in 80 days. Yep it's that simple. A whole bunch of us are going to try and write a novel in 80 days, and cheer each other on while we do it. The lovely little badge to the right is designed by Dawn Amos. 'MYWYN' stands for May – you write your novel. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Due to circumstances beyond my control (domestic duties) I've actually started today. I'm only about 500 words in at the moment but intend to be caught up by bedtime. Oh, and I'm not working on the YA sci-fi that I thought I was going to be. It's, well, I don't know. All I have is a courier, a child, a mysterious bad guy and freak environmental conditions. For the first time I'm going to have a go at writing something without having much (or any) idea of the beginning, middle or end. It should be interesting!

Thanks to Sally Quilford for coming up with the idea, and setting up the blog so we can all (okay, me) be impressed by how much everyone else has written and GET ON WITH OUR OWN. Okay, I'm going, I'm going. Wish me luck that at least half of today's 2000 words will make sense!

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