Friday, October 7, 2011

Musical Stories 14: Literary

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post. I know people always say this, but it really does make a difference knowing that I'm not alone, and that you all understand and have my back.

It's literary week again on Musical Stories. This is the one week in the series when, whilst story is still important, the real beauty is in the words themselves. From today, there will be a link below each video to the lyrics of the songs. This is for the people who've told me that they can't view the videos, so they can still join in.

Apparently the first song has been used in a film I haven't seen, (I gleaned that from watching another video), but I've chosen a version with lyrics instead. I'm not hating on the film, I just don't want sparkly vampires to distract from the words :-)

For the second song, originally I was going to pick Hallelujah but I decided at the last minute to go with another Leonard Cohen song which, in my opinion, has equally wonderful lyrics but doesn't get the love it deserves.

The last song is a recommendation from SBJones. Thanks SB. There are two videos for this song on YouTube. The other one is almost seven minutes long so I've picked the shorter one. I should warn you though, that the video for this song was made to highlight awareness of human trafficking. As such, you may find it disturbing, although there are no major scenes of violence. I suggest you play the song with your screen minimised if you prefer not to watch. The song itself was actually written as a tribute to a band member's Mother who died. I think it's beautiful.

I hope you enjoy this week's selections. Next week we're revisiting Chick Lit.

Lyrics here