Friday, July 15, 2011

Musical Stories 3: Crime

This week it's the crime genre. I tried to stay away from the obvious, so no Bonnie and Clyde, or Ma Baker. Two of these songs have been inspired by real life events (I don't know about track two).

I wanted to pick another track by Nick Cave, that you might not have heard of, but most of them are over six minutes long so you get this one. Track three is six minutes long and i think one is enough :)

I hope you enjoy this week's choices. Next week's genre will be literary fiction, should be interesting :)


  1. Great selection today. I saw Rod Stewart in concert a few months ago, with Stevie Nicks on the bill too. He's still rocking ...

  2. Awesome- can't wait to see what you do for lit fiction!

  3. Very cool! My husband and I love Rod Stewart's music!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! It's good to see you! :)

  4. Only person I recognize here is Kylie Minogue. :P But a great list!

  5. I was only familiar with the first two, and the third was a joy to watch.

  6. Joanne - I don't know where he gets his energy from, and a new baby too!

    Claudia - and she looks beautiful too, I think.

    Christina - I promise they won't just be random tunes :)

    Lauren - You're welcome, and it's a pleasure :)

    Golden Eagle - girl you make me feel old ;-)

    Medeia - Thank you for stopping by, and it is, isn't it? But so sad too.

  7. Finding these posts really inspirational Sarah, a great idea and one that won't run out of steam too easily! Great stuff...

  8. Kylie was a wonderful choice!

    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. They're heartfelt and mean the world to me :)

    Thanks again!


  9. Great choices. I love the Boomtown Rats one best. :O)

  10. Louise - thanks, and the good thing is, I could repeat genres and it would still be fun because they'd be new songs :)

    Elliot - You're very very welcome :)

    Madeleine - Funny, I thought that would be the most popular but I think Kylie definitely took it.

  11. Crime's my thing and I love your choices. I actually love this theme you are running! :)

  12. Ha! Love this :) Music can be so inspiring, and these are such awesome recommendations. Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

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  14. Just awarded you The Mighty Pen award on my blog. Stop by and check it out.

  15. That Nick and Kylie is beautiful but disturbing...spooky.

    And as for Rod, I'm not familiar with the song. He looks so young and androgynous in the video. Sigh, but then we've all aged since then.

  16. Jo - Isn't she though?

    Rebecca - I thought of you when I was picking this week :)

    Sarah - I totally agree. One line can set off a whole train of thought :)

    Matt - Indeed, but in an 'artistic' way of course ;-)

    Krista - thank you again :)

    Bish - Hello there. I never thought of Rod as being attractive I'll be honest, but there's just something about him in that video.


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