Saturday, July 23, 2011

Musical Stories 4: Literary

Sorry I'm late with this today. I had a 'little nap' that lasted seven hours!

This week's genre is literary fiction. When choosing for today, I wanted songs with beautiful lyrics. There is still a story there, of course; but with these songs it's as much about the beauty of the words as what they mean.

Number one seemed to me to be an obvious choice for this category. I'm still not quite sure I understand exactly what this is about, but I know what I think it means and that's what's important. In the interest of bringing you something you might not have heard before, I very nearly gave you the Barbra Streisand version. However, much as I like her, there's only one version of this song for me, and this is it.

Number two was suggested some time ago by SBJones. I hadn't heard this version before, but I love it and think it's perfect literary material. He's suggested a few great songs, and I'm trying to find categories to work some of them in :)

Number three is by someone who might be my favourite artist of all time. It's very difficult to choose one from him as I think many of his songs fall into the 'literary' category. I chose this one because I think that, while on the surface it seems quite simple, the imagery in the words is beautiful. Sorry, it's one of those 'album cover' videos but I have to take what I can find!

I hope you enjoy these. Next week's genre is chick-lit.


  1. I'm diggin' it! Music can be so powerful. I think I get more out of a song each time I listen to it. Especially the ones who are really aiming for a particular feeling or story. Good song choices.

  2. I hadn't heard that version of RUNNING UP THAT HILL before. Great choices!!

  3. Thank you for the mention. Glad I could help.

  4. I think some of Loreena McKennitt's pieces might also fit into this category.

  5. Keep up the good work! And how awesome that you got to take a seven hour nap! HAHA! :)

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog! As always, it's great to see you!

  6. Cool song choices!

    I love anything by Taylor Swift. That girl tells amazing stories with her songs.

  7. Love all three that you've chosen!

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  8. Abby - Agreed, the best songs are the ones that tell you a story.

    Claudia - Thank you :)

    Jennifer - I hadn't either, until a few weeks ago!

    SBJones - Feel free to recommend more :)

    Patsy - I looked her up and I think she'll be perfect for fantasy week. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Lauren - It's not usual, just that the kids are away :)

    Julie - I'll check her out, thanks for that :)

    Talli - Glad you liked them, and yes I am, thank you :)

  9. I just read a book titled Life On Mars. :)

    But anyway--I like the song choices!

  10. Bowie rules!!!!! I've loved the man ever since "Labyrinth." cute...

  11. Wow, gotta love those long naps. ;)
    Great music choices.

  12. Neat mix of music and books. I've always felt that songwriting and novel writing/poetry were linked:)

  13. Great choices - Bowie's always a favourite of mine.

  14. Bowie, so beautiful in that video. Had to go listen to Streisand's version cause I couldn't believe she did a Bowie cover. His is much better.

    And Elvis C. LOVE his songs! (Thought our love was fire proof. Great stuff.)

  15. I enjoyed them all. I was familiar with the first two, but not Elvis's. And I adore Placebo. I have many of their songs.

  16. Hi Sarah! Thank you for not one, but two comments on my book review! I collaborate on Reading at Dawn, but we don't get many comments there, so I wanted to make sure plenty of people read Ann's review (although my comments are way down since I dared to take a holiday!)

    I love your idea on music. It is indeed the international language. How powerful and moving lyrics can be.


  17. ...funny thing about Bowie, his daughter attended college a few miles from our home. We once spotted him on campus one summer evening while on a walk after dinner. Upon realizing that he'd been recognized, he politely offered us a wave and a grin...before disappearing into a nearby car and driving off.

    Over the years its made for an interesting conversation piece ;)


  18. ooh ooh I remember Running Up That Hill when Kate Bush first sang it. And Life of Mars was used for the brill TV cop programme. The only one i haven't heard is Indoor Fireworks. :O)

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  20. Awesome; Sarah!

    Loved this post. My main blog is about songwriting, so this was right up my alley as you can imagine.

  21. Wow, that was some nap! I hope you had a great dream. :D

  22. Love Bowie!

    Placebo has a song on the Cruel Intentions sdtk, "Every You Every Me." It's so good and the movie rocks!

  23. Your blog is very cool.. I love songs and i look forward to reading more! I am a new follower :):)

  24. Golden Eagle - Non fiction? Glad you liked the choices :)

    AA - Indeed he is!

    Lynda - Gotta loves blokes who let you sleep too :)

    Mark - Hello, and I agree. Poems and songs are so often stories in their own right.

    Annalisa - Aye, can't go wrong with Bowie :)

    Bish - Yay for someone else who loves the OTHER Elvis :)

    Medeia - This has reminded me of how great Placebo are. They fell of my radar for a while.

    L'Aussie - You're very welcome. Hope you're feeling better.

    Elliot - Oh wow, I would have been squealing like a little girl!

    Rebecca - You're welcome, me too :)

    Madeleine - I suspected 'Indoor Fireworks' might be new to most :)

    Patrick - Welcome to the blog :)

    Nick - have another blog I've missed!

    Stina - If only I could ever remember :)

    Phil - I'm going to have to go back and rewatch 'Cruel Intentions' now!

    Murugi - Thank you and welcome :)


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